For the Sake of the Song

Andy and Blues Oblique will be playing Wednesday April 3 at Carriage house

Bandmates Wil Hendricks and Michael Krassner hosting

Andy at The Cibo Carriage House

Andy will be performing Wednesday 2-27-2013 at  The Cibo Carriage House as part of a series of shows hosted by James Pyper.  Very cool.  Come one come all


New t-shirt and hoodie! Check them out in Merch.  More soon to follow-



Welcome to the newly vamped Try Me Bicycle site.  The band was on a bit of a hiatus working on a number of projects, but for the last year, we have been hacking away at the next album.  We are excited to announce we will be performing a lot of the new songs over the next few months as we prepare to record our second album…very exciting times.  We will upload to our site some of the scratch material at the same time as well.  Check in for show updates as we will be adding to them weekly.  Cheers!